• Coming fall 2020

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    Written, performed, and produced by:

    Julie Frost and Michael Dombrow

    This audio adventure series is full of great laughs, songs, and lessons for the whole family. Each episode will be accompanied by lots of free resources to help keep kids learning and growing.

  • 2-min season trailer

  • Episode 1

    "UnBEElievable BEEginnings"

    Subject: Honeybees & Pollinators

    (25 minutes)

  • Episode 2

    "Splish, Splash, Are We Swimming in Trash?"

    Subject: Plastic in the Ocean & Taking Care of Our Environment

    (17 minutes)

  • Episode 3

    "Quick! Mike's Sick."

    Subject: Germs and Our Immune System

    (20 minutes)

  • Episode 4

    "Look at Me, I'm Sandra T(-Rex)"

    Subject: Dinosaurs, Diversity, Inclusion, and Kindness

    (20 minutes)

  • Episode 5

    "In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry"

    Subject: Outer Space and Loneliness

    (18 minutes)

  • Episode 6

    Coming Soon

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