• "This Year's Best Family Album"

    Julie Frost Kids' debut album is a feel-good collection of original songs --- perfect for kids, young and old!




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  • "She's got the snappiest beats and grooves that kids love, just enough cultural references to keep adults engaged, and her band is seriously talented."

    -Brian, Amazon Review

    "Her messages are very relevant for elementary school teachers and counselors. Lots of great lessons."

    -Tiffany, iTunes Review

    "I'm a retired teacher and I love the words and lessons in each song. And, even though I've heard the songs 20 or 30 times (so far), I don't mind hearing them again and again."

    -Marcia, Amazon Review

    "The entire album is full of upbeat, fun songs that also teach practical lessons and offer encouraging messages for kids."

    -Kayla, "Mommy of a Princess" Blog

    "WOW!! Not only will Julie's songs bring a smile to your kids' faces, she will bring a smile to yours too! Every song has a great message that is put to fun music!"

    -Victoria, Amazon Review

    "This newcomer to the kid-friendly music scene has incredible songs that will help your child stay motivated."

    -Cory, "Lean Green Dad" Blog