• Are you a Military Kid?!

    Founder, Julie Frost, is a military kid, too!


    Singer/Actress Julie Frost currently tours around the world performing for and supporting military kids. As a military kid herself, she understands the extra challenges military families often face.


    Things Julie loved about being a military kid.


    While moving can be tough, it is also an adventure! Some people live in their same hometown their entire lives. Julie feels lucky that she got to call lots of different places "home."

    Friends Across the Globe

    One cool thing about moving all over meant that Julie got to make friends all over the United States. She loves keeping up with her military kid friends on Facebook and through e-mail, even as a grown-up!


    Growing up as a military kid taught Julie that, no matter what situation she was in, she could find a way to work through it. Being a military kid comes along with some tough stuff, but Julie and her family always stuck together to make it through the hard times.

    Pro at Road Trips

    Since Julie's family moved all the time growing up, their family was always taking road trips around the country to visit family and friends. Julie's Mom would always pack the kids a backpack full of fun activities and snacks for the trip.

    Daughter of a Super Hero

    Julie is so proud to know that she is the daughter of a real-life super hero. Military members do their jobs every day to keep the rest of us safe -- sounds a whole lot like the job of a super hero!

    Military Scholarships

    There are some incredible scholarships available for military kids. College can be really expensive! These scholarships help students pay for school. In fact, one of the scholarships that helped Julie go to college was for military kids!

    What do you love about being a military kid?!

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    He's home!

    Julie's Dad was in the military for over 29 years! He was a pilot in the Air Force and got to fly lots of awesome planes to help keep our country safe. This is a picture of his return from Desert Storm.


    Sending Dad off.

    If you look closely, you can see that Julie is wearing dance tights. Whenever Julie was missing Dad, she would go to her dance studio to work through some of those powerful emotions she was feeling.


    Julie's team.

    Julie felt lucky to grow up with a big brother (her hero), and two little sisters (the coolest girls she knows). While moving around was tough, Julie loved having her siblings as her teammates.

    The Glue

    One proud Momma.

    Julie's Mom was the glue that held the whole family together. Here she is, celebrating the day her son got his flying "wings." She is the definition of resilient. "Home" is wherever Mom is.

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