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    "Colors in My Crayon Box"

    Jack and Jill - Music Video

    Today, let's teach our kids the importance of acceptance, empathy, and kindness.

    "Choose Happy"

    Animated Music Video

    The story of a girl whose day just can't seem to go right, but she chooses to be happy anyway!

    "The Expert Feelings Helper"

    Jack and Jill - Short Story

    This story of Jack and Jill helps us to understand the importance of expressing our feelings.

    "Pump It Up"

    Music Video - Let's Dance!

    Check out this fun music video, starring all military kids. Make sure to sing and dance along!

  • About Us

    Helping kids become happier and healthier, one song at a time.

    Who We Are

    Grown-ups who help kids through the tough stuff that can come along with growing up. We write songs, create videos, and perform for kids worldwide.

    What We Do

    We teach and entertain. With the help of therapists, school counselors, teachers, and creatives around the world, we make awesome content for kids.

    About the Founder

    Singer/Actress Julie Frost currently tours around the world performing for and supporting military kids. As a military kid herself, she understands the extra challenges military families often face. Julie has been a singer and actress for Disney for over 5 years and has performed for over 4 million live audience members to date.

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